1-2-3-4-5 This is how we help you to get started

1. Fill in our order form here on our homepage

We need some basic data about your school or organisation. Fill out our order form

2. Send us your observation template

Send us your observation template on a piece of paper or in Word, Excel, PDF or PowerPoint format. We will then set it up in BRAVOLesson. Setting up the first template is free. If you have different templates for different situations or for different parts or levels in your organisation– send them as well. Thereafter we will contact you.

3. Or chose a template in our library

You can also choose an observation template in our library. Point out which one you want to use in the order form and we will set that up for you instead of or along with your own template.

4. Send us your school’s staff registry

When we receive your order form we send you an easy-to-fill-in Excel-spreadsheet for your school´s staff registry. Fill it in and return it to us at BRAVOLesson.

5. How to get started web-training

The introduction for a small group with the principal, administrator/s and train-the-trainer staff is included in the license as a free session online.

Your next step in quality assurance – we can help you!


We will provide you with our standard implementation package including training via Webex, sharing of our learnings and experience, checklists, templates and video-manuals.

From your perspective: ”We want your support to do this on our own”


This package includes additional training with a total of three separate session about different modules in the BRAVOLesson. Additional telephone or online meetings with your schools senior leadership team once a month during the first 6 months. Follow up from us for you to focus and accelerate the implementation process.

From your perspective: ”We want some extra support from you to get started”


We go the extra mile to support your school’s improvement

We love to support you so that you can focus on what teachers love to do– teach!

If you contact us at support@bravolesson.se before lunch we will get back to you to confirm that we have received your ticket the same day.

You need to supply us with:

1. Name of school.
2. Your name
3. Your phone number
4. User account for where the issue is a problem
5. A short description of the problem.

If you contact us at support@bravolesson.se after lunch we will get back to you to confirm that we have received your ticket the next day.

We will call you via telephone when needed.

We will always be helpful, friendly and in a good mood…we will help you as swiftly as possible.

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