Successful teachers manage to both teach their students to learn and to develop both knowledgeably and socially. Research shows that this success is the result of these teachers’ carefully planning, implementing and reviewing their teaching –classroom leadership.
Marcus Samuelson, leg. teacher in craft and professor at Högskolan i Väst, has researched successful leadership in the classroom. He has recently published a book with practical guidance for classroom leaders. He states there is always a leader in the classroom, if it´s not the teacher, then students take over that role.

New evidence-based observation form
Marcus and BRAVOLesson have now released a new evidence-based form for lesson observations and feedback to teachers. A tool that helps to develop teaching by focusing on the key characteristics of successful classroom leadership.

Package of three copies of the book and
the observation form inside BRAVOLesson
BRAVOLesson is now starting a collaboration with Marcus Samuelsson and together with him we offer a package with the new observation form in combination with three copies of the book Lärandets ordning och reda.
The observation form can then be used inside BRAVOLesson.

Check out parts of the observation form

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