Our library of lesson observation templates – dimensions of good teaching according to research

Templates from schools and municipalities in different countries

These are normally influenced by research, more built on best practice and not as extensive as the templates from official organisations.

Templates from official organisations in different countries

It is interesting to compare templates from different countries to see differences in focus between different education cultures.

Use this to get inspired when creating your own template or choose template/templates to use in BRAVOLesson.

Share! In our library schools, municipalities and organizations share their experiences of good teaching. They share their templates for lesson observations with others in return to gain more insights from others who share. Welcome to our sharing community. Contact us at info@bravolesson.com

School Templates from different countries

1:15 Lesson observation form focusing on the start and the end of lessons – Ludvika municipality

Ludvika has developed their own observation form focusing on the start and the end of a lesson. It is based on / has been inspired by the school researcher Marcus Samuelsson’s book Lärandets ordning och reda, as well as the Swedish school Inspection authority’s observation form. When used, it can be divided into one for lesson start and one for lesson end.

1.13 Sweden – Observationsschema – Hållbara strukturer, regler och rutiner – Eklidens skola

Micro visits for macro effect at Eklidens school in Nacka municipality. The observation template was used during the 2017/2018 academic year to make many short lesson observations and to systematically collect data without linking to person/teacher with a specific focus on the start of lessons and the end of lessons. Through the many visits and systematic approach statistics were obtained. It gave everyone in the school an overall picture to discuss together: “This is what our teaching looks like right now regarding the start and end of lessons.”

1.12 Sweden – Observationsschema för lektion – Söråkers skola i Timrå kommun

This is an observation template from Söråkers school in Timrå municipality. It follows the chronology of the lesson in a clear way and has the following areas: 1. Focus 2. Pupils in Learning 3. De-Focus 4. General approach (about a favorable climate for learning). The school also has each part 1-4 as seperate templates since they often only observe one area at the time.

Organisation Templates from different countries

2.14 Observation form for online teaching

This observation form has been designed by BRAVOLesson during the latter part of March 2020 to serve as support for schools and teachers. It is primarily based on a research overview for managing online teaching published in conjunction with the Corona Pandemic – published by The Swedish National Agency for Education. It is designed to observe a full online lesson.

2.12 Leadership in the classroom – an observation form by Marcus Samuelsson

BRAVOLesson initiates cooperation with Marcus Samuelsson, leg. teacher in craft and professor of education at the University Högskolan i Väst, Trollhättan Sweden. Marcus has researched the leadership of the classroom. Now we offer a package with his new evidence-based observation form in combination with three copies of his book Lärandets ordning och reda.
Price for the whole package 3,740 SEK per school, excluding VAT and shipping. The observation form can then be used in BRAVOLesson.
Click the button below for a sample of what it contains.
The basis of observation has the following elements: 1. Procedures, rules and procedures,
2. Relationships, 3. Teaching climate,
4. Expectations and motivation as well
5. Disciplinary interventions.
NOTA BENE! This only show parts of the first element.

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