2.13 How teachers are using questions to students in the classroom – indicators

This is a list of important dimensions about how the teacher handles questions to the students during a lesson. The list is created by Howard Pitler, Ed. D. Education, former teacher and principal, co-founder of Instructional Excellence Partners and expert on lesson observations from the USA.
NOTE. This list will shortly be converted into an observation base in Swedish.

2.12 Leadership in the classroom – an observation form by Marcus Samuelsson

BRAVOLesson initiates cooperation with Marcus Samuelsson, leg. teacher in craft and professor of education at the University Högskolan i Väst, Trollhättan Sweden. Marcus has researched the leadership of the classroom. Now we offer a package with his new evidence-based observation form in combination with three copies of his book Lärandets ordning och reda.
Price for the whole package 3,740 SEK per school, excluding VAT and shipping. The observation form can then be used in BRAVOLesson.
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The basis of observation has the following elements: 1. Procedures, rules and procedures,
2. Relationships, 3. Teaching climate,
4. Expectations and motivation as well
5. Disciplinary interventions.
NOTA BENE! This only show parts of the first element.