What teaching activities do the students really engage in?

Part 2 on Kunskapsgymnasiet’s systematic focus on the quality of teaching for learning

During the autumn term, teaching observations were carried out with the support of BRAVOLesson at all schools. Based on the observations, teaching development activities are ongoing and planned. The analysis of strengths and development areas have been carried out at the overall organisational level as well as the individual school level. The analysis has been done together with the principals and deputy principals.

Teacher activity – student engagement
A number of activities are ongoing based on the current position of all schools. Examples: the relationship between teacher activity – student engagement, how the start of the lessons can be made clear to support students and what the lesson end can look like. These aspects are captured with Kunskapsgymnasiet’s observation form, embedded in BRAVOlesson.
– Structured observations based on a common foundation, a foundation that in turn is based on research, lead to productive and good discussions about the development of teaching at all levels, says Petter Enlund, development manager at Kunskapsgymnasiet.

Individually at each school – collaboratively with all schools
Together with the schools, specific activities have been planned based on the development needs of each school. These activities differ greatly between the schools and can be about teachers visting teachers , joint reading, testing of a common method and more. The work at the schools is owned and led by the principal, together with the deputy principals and the management team, with support from Kunskapsgymnasiet’s pedagogy department.

“With the help of BRAVOLesson we are starting to get a clearer picture of our key strengths and development needs at the present time. It´s a good feeling to be able to make informed decisions about further development based on the analysis of a broad base of observation data. After all, it is, first and foremost, all the work done in the classrooms that makes the quality of education. “

Petter Enlund, development manager at Kunskapsgymnasiet

To be continued in our newsletters next term.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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