At Bett Show 2020 in London – The Lesson calculator and New Module for Icelandic schools

New at BRAVOLesson’s stand at BETT.

This year we are using The Lesson Calculator to discuss and reflect together with visitors just how many lessons per school and year that can be improved. This is a dimension that many teachers and school leaders have not thought about. At a small school with only ten teachers it is more than 7.000 lesson per academic year.

We are also launching a module for how to carry out both self- and external school quality assessment according to the Icelandic school inspection authority’s (Mentamálastofnun) structure (Viðmiðum um gæðastarf í grunnskólum).

January 23rd at 16.00 hours Professor Sir George Berwick’s will hold a short speech at our stand at about the key details of the approach that has made it possible to raise the standards in London’s schools from the worst to the best performing.








Online tools to improve teaching and learning 


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5 things we hope all teachers will experience during 2020 – to smile like this

A new year and a new term is about to begin. Teachers and pupils will meet up in classrooms and hundreds of millions of lessons and more will be carried out around the world. Teachers will take on all the challenges and focus on the most important question: is learning taking place here and now?

Facing this huge and, most of the time, rewarding assignment we hope that all teachers will be involved in professional development where they together with their colleagues will grow and experience these five dimensions of collaborative school improvement.

Good luck with the new term!

This blog has been written in cooperation between
Professor Sir George Berwick, OLEVI International and Mats Rosenkvist, BRAVOLesson
representing two organisations that can support you with focus on the quality of teaching and learning.


1. I reflect and think more deeply about my practice.

2. The quality of my teaching and learning
has moved forward and improved.


3. I have raised the level of challenge in my classroom – expectations of myself and my pupils are much higher now.

4. I engaged in collaborative learning
and have adopted new strategies.


5. I have both experienced and role-modelled
outstanding professionalism.


Online tools to improve teaching and learning 


+46 (0)10 - 516 40 90