The most important question every day of the academic year

Now a new academic year has started and at the same time 1000s of lessons at each school. Before that school is out in June next year, a total of more than 100 million lessons will have been completed at Sweden’s primary and secondary schools. This means a fantastic amount of opportunities because everyone agrees that it is the teaching that has the greatest impact on students’ learning.
In previous years, in August, we pointed out the most important question for the academic year and each lesson: Is learning taking place here right now? Now we have honed that wording together with our customers and partners. Interested? You can find it below…

If you as a principal want to organize a systematic focus on developing the quality of teaching together with the teachers at your school, it is important to:

use observational material for lesson visits so that the reflections during the subsequent didactic conversations will, among other things, be about evidence-based important dimensions of good teaching. In short, for the conversations to be systematically about what is important.
use questions in the material (s) that during the conversations really systematically lead to reflections that move the teaching forward.
One of the few such questions is of course related to the question mentioned above – “Is learning taking place…?”. It now reads as follows for discussion and reflection with and between teachers after each classroom visit:

What learning did the lesson lead to for the students – based on your planning?

Feel free to read our next blog. Then we will raise the issue that is as important or perhaps even more important – as a prerequisite for a learning environment  – every school year and every lesson.

Feel free to book a 30-minute web demo and we will show how BRAVOLesson and systematics can lead to better and better teaching in every classroom.

Good luck with the new academic year!
from Team BRAVOLesson

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