“Teaching skills in practice – innovation in Swedish education”

Swedish school culture is changing. More and more school leaders want to focus on the quality of teaching by observing it to see what it leads to and developing it together with the teachers.
Sweden’s new observation form Teaching skills in practice is now also receiving international recognition. The mastermind behind London’s schools’ turnaround from being the worst to the  the best performing schools in England, Professor Sir George Berwick, describes it as innovation for Swedish schools.

Read Professor Sir George Berwicks blog

Read more about the observation form – Undervisningsskicklighet i praktiken

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75 million lessons left until school is out for the summer next year (video)

What an opportunity! That is how many lessons, out of the total 100 million, that remain in Sweden’s primary and secondary schools after the autumn break. What if all those lessons can lead to X percent more learning for the students through a systematic focus on developing the quality of teaching in every classroom.

That’s how we think.
We are passionate about students’ learning.
Come along! (watch our video)

Contact us for a free 30-minute web demo and we will show you how you can think and work systematically with BRAVOLesson – app web video – to support lesson observations, peer learning among teachers, reflection and development.

PS. Calculate how many lessons remain at your school or in your municipality with what we call The Lesson Calculator

Good luck during the remainder of this academic year!
Mats Rosenkvist, BRAVOLesson

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An appetizer (video) – the benefit you get from our 8 lunch webinars

After part 1 of 8 in our series of 30 minutes lunch webinars
Theme: Equivalent leadership in all classrooms

Watch the video below. As a participant at our webinars, you can listen and also ask questions. After each webinar, you will also receive an email with a video with input to use internally at your school.

Co-organizers: Lärarnas Riksförbund teacher union and the National Federation of Free Schools

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Price: SEK 800 excluding VAT.
All revenues in full go to BRIS (Childens’ rights in society).


Next lunch webinar is with John Steinberg on October 28 – mark that in your calendar
John Steinberg’s theme: The teacher’s body language – the path to trust
See you at 12.00-12.30 on the 28th. Welcome!


Link to the video with Johan Alm from the lunch webinar

With kind regards!
Mats Rosenkvist, BRAVOLesson

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144.000 lessons in focus on Åmåls municipality’s schools


Now a 2-year project focusing on the quality of teaching starts at all schools in Åmål. Kent Jönsson, who is Head of school in Åmål, has together with the principals developed a plan that will focus on three concrete dimensions of good teaching. With the help of the web tool BRAVOLesson, teachers and principals will together develop teaching through systematic and collaborative visits in ebery classroom.

More than 144,000 lessons are conducted every academic year at the schools in Åmål. The overall goal of the plan is to improve the students’ results – their learning. The plan describes the research that shows that it is crucial not to focus on the students but to focus on the quality of teaching for the students. The three areas that are included in Åmål’s plan are: environment for learning, individualisation of the teaching to the students in the group and a structured and thought through start and end of the lesson.

– With reflection after each lesson observation and open conversations, between the principal and the teacher and between teachers, we hope support all teachers’ to take their teaching to the next level to support students’ learning, says Kent Jönsson, Head of school in Åmål.

Åmål is the latest of several schools and municipalities that initially has participated in our webinars and then chose BRAVOLesson to improve their focus on the quality of teaching in a different way than what Swedish school culture normally leads to. Teaching, should of course, be the core of the school improvement and we are happy that more and more schools on all levels of education, just like us, believe that teaching can be systematically improved in every classroom, says Mats Rosenkvist, BRAVOLesson.

For more information contact
Kent Jönsson, Head of school in Åmål municipality
Phone: 0532-17278 and email: kent.jonsson@amal.se
Mats Rosenkvist, founder of BRAVOLesson
Phone: 0709-574780 and email: mats@bravolesson.se

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The most important question every day of the academic year

Now a new academic year has started and at the same time 1000s of lessons at each school. Before that school is out in June next year, a total of more than 100 million lessons will have been completed at Sweden’s primary and secondary schools. This means a fantastic amount of opportunities because everyone agrees that it is the teaching that has the greatest impact on students’ learning.
In previous years, in August, we pointed out the most important question for the academic year and each lesson: Is learning taking place here right now? Now we have honed that wording together with our customers and partners. Interested? You can find it below…

If you as a principal want to organize a systematic focus on developing the quality of teaching together with the teachers at your school, it is important to:

use observational material for lesson visits so that the reflections during the subsequent didactic conversations will, among other things, be about evidence-based important dimensions of good teaching. In short, for the conversations to be systematically about what is important.
use questions in the material (s) that during the conversations really systematically lead to reflections that move the teaching forward.
One of the few such questions is of course related to the question mentioned above – “Is learning taking place…?”. It now reads as follows for discussion and reflection with and between teachers after each classroom visit:

What learning did the lesson lead to for the students – based on your planning?

Feel free to read our next blog. Then we will raise the issue that is as important or perhaps even more important – as a prerequisite for a learning environment  – every school year and every lesson.

Feel free to book a 30-minute web demo and we will show how BRAVOLesson and systematics can lead to better and better teaching in every classroom.

Good luck with the new academic year!
from Team BRAVOLesson

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