More schools and municipalities starts to focus on the quality of teaching in every classroom


More and more schools and municipalities are systematically focusing on the quality of teaching. Something that has probably never been more important than after three semesters with a pandemic and a learning debt.
When the new academic year starts, several new customers on all levels of education systematize their focus and internal work together with all teachers in the BRAVOLesson tool. Work based on evidence to reflect on questions like: how is the teaching carried out, what does it lead to, how can it be improved and does our focus lead to improved teaching and learning?

Municipalities and schools such as Norrköping, Oxelösund and Åmål as well as Thorén Business School in Malmö, Grimslövs Folk High School and the Olympica playschools have recently decided on BRAVOLesson at different levels. In addition, Ludvika municipality has now completed a procurement and renewed their license from 2018 until 2023. They will continue to develop their work with a focus on teaching and for that accounts in BRAVOLesson for all principals and teachers.

– Various surveys over the past ten years have shown that the Swedish school culture generally does not include looking at and evaluating the quality of teaching. We notice a change. This is completely logical because everyone in the global education community along with research agrees that it is the teaching that has the greatest impact on students’ learning. Since the start with BRAVOLesson 2017, interest and the number of customers have been growing for each academic year. During the spring, almost 20 schools in Iceland also chose our tool, says Mats Rosenkvist, founder of BRAVOLesson.

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New milestone – BRAVOLesson from play schools to higher education

During spring we have, despite the covid-19 crisis, been fortunate to welcome new customers as well as new schools with municipalities that have used BRAVOLesson for some time.
This week we have delivered BRAVOLesson to our first play schools – Trolle Ljungby and Nymö förskola in Sweden.
This means that during the next academic year BRAVOLesson will be used on all levels of education in three countries.

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Millions of lessons online – New free observation form to help develop online teaching


Due to covid-19 schools and higher education have quickly and in an impressive way changed ways of working and turned to online teaching. We are all very grateful for this! Schools have shown their commitment and their important role in our society.

The current situation with covid-19 means that online teaching will remain for different levels of education in many countries for at least this academic year. This means millions of students being taught millions of online lessons. In a small country like Sweden more than 6 million lessons in upper secondary schools will be conducted online **.

BRAVOLesson has therefore designed an observation form *** for online teaching available in our free library. Many schools and teachers have already expressed their gratitude to BRAVOLesson in assisting teachers in developing the quality of their online teaching and using the form for:

  • Self evaluation
  • Peer evaluation
  • Collaborative reflection and learning
  • Online lesson observations

Kind regards,
from The BRAVOLesson Team




40 school days x 4 lessons per day x 38,800 teachers

BRAVOLesson has not found any existing observation form specifically designed for online teaching in the Nordic countries. Our new observation form is based on the Swedish National Agency for Education’s research overview of important dimensions of online teaching as well as The Swedish Schools Inspectorate’s existing research-based observation form for general didactics. We have also gathered impressions from examples from other parts of the world where there is a greater and more systematic focus on the quality of teaching that has led to that they also have existing observation forms for online teaching.

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2.14 Observation form for online teaching

This observation form has been designed by BRAVOLesson during the latter part of March 2020 to serve as support for schools and teachers. It is primarily based on a research overview for managing online teaching published in conjunction with the Corona Pandemic – published by The Swedish National Agency for Education. It is designed to observe a full online lesson.

Meet School Leader Daniel Söderberg who is developing teaching together with his team

During this school year, Allbo Learning Centers will begin to focus even more systematically on the quality of teaching

Allbo Learning Center is responsible for Alvesta municipality’s upper secondary school and adult education. At Allbo, School Leader Daniel Söderberg, the School Principals and four of their expert teachers are creating a plan to systematically develop the quality of teaching. This is based on research and will be implemented with the help of BRAVOLesson.



Online tools to improve teaching and learning 


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